Olive keychains

Keychains made of olive wood.


  - "PYRO".

  - "SIZE".

Customize it...

We want to present you our olive wood keychains, a quality product that will not leave anyone indifferent. Not only are they resistant and durable, but they are also a bit more sustainable than conventional plastic keychains and they have a warm and natural feeling when touched.

Our keychains are designed to last. They are constructed with solid, robust and corrosion-resistant olive wood, guaranteeing that the keychains will last longer and offer you additional safety and confidence.

We also have a range of different finishes, so you can choose the keychain that best suits your style:

- SHAPES - They are pieces of branches worked with a knife respecting their natural shape. - PYROGRAPHY - They are pieces made with manual saw and knife with pyrogravure as the last process. - CARVING - They are pieces made with saw, knife and chisel where we get shapes like letters, numbers or drawings. Some details can also be highlighted with pyrography to highlight the shape.

All can be personalized with name, date, phrase...

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